I have to turn in revisions to a math test to get extra credit. I have looked at these and keep getting things backwards. Someone please help me!

1. Employment data at a large company reveals that 72% of the workers are married, that 44% are college graduates and that 22% are married college graduates. If one of these employees is randomly chosen, find the odds against choosing a married college graduate.

2. High Blood Pressure OK Blood Pressure
cholesterol 0.11 0.21

cholesterol 0.16 0.52

Find the probability that an adult American man has high blood pressure given that he has high cholesterol.

3.One day a machine produced 58 circuit boards. Suppose that the machine produced 50 good circuit boards and 8 defective ones. Also suppose that 5 boards are to be tested and selected at random, what is the probability that exactly 2 of them will be defective?