You're using a ruler to measure lengths of stickbugs. The ruler is marked for every centimeter. You end up taking all lengths to the nearest centimeter. (In other words, you can have 5 centimeters and 6 centimeters, but not 5.5 centimeters.)

True or False: These measured data are can be called discrete or continuous, depending on how you think of the data.

The answer is true is it duscrete because we are only counting the whole numbers and can be continuous because we are accepting the values between the integers and rounding to the nearest integer?

When your class participates in an Internet game show and counts the votes for door #1 and door #2, the counts are examples of what kind of data?
counted numerical, measured categorical, measured numerical, or none

would this be measured categorical? Because the doors are categorical and we are figuring out the total in each?