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    Mar 2008


    Or Solitaire, as you may call it...

    What would the best starting position, (face-up cards only) would one expect to be most likely to enable one to solve a game of Solitaire in the least possible number of moves?
    Is it better, for example, to have all four aces at the beginning, or kings?

    The arcade scores would indicate that Moo is the authority on this matter..

    Just as a change from poker type questions...
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    Mar 2008
    P(I'm here)=1/3, P(I'm there)=t+1/3
    Hahaha !
    Yes, I like this game.

    Yes, I guess the least possible number of moves is a good indicator, because it follows that you mustn't do too many turns for the deck (the deck on the top-left... dunno how it's called)
    Speed is not necessary...

    In my opinion, of course it's better to have aces ! You can discover the cards under it, while it takes more time with the kings. And because you have to get an empty column to discover a card under a king...

    Nothing special about what I said...

    Hey, they have Solitaire on gametwist (just google it). You can challenge people. And it's all about the number of moves (more or like). You'll see that after a few plays
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