I got this problem sheet from college and have been trying to figure it out for ages, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful, so im hoping i can get some help here...ok heres the problem....(this problem does not contain any numbers, but the object is to purely produce general answers)

A projectile is launched from height h with initial velocity Vo at angle [alpha] with the horizontal. Find the law of motion and determine:

1. The max height reached by the projectile
2. The time to reach the max height
3. The horizontal distance at the max height
4. The total horizontal distance travelled
5. The time of flight

I know that the law of motion to use is Ro + Vot + 1/2at^2.
Ro = (0,h)
Vo = (Vox,Voy)
a = (0,-g)

I would be so so greatful if you could help me with any of this problem or if you could point me in the right direction of a decent website relating to projectile motion which uses the same convention as im using here.