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Thread: Finding a ranking from list of values

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    May 2008

    Finding a ranking from list of values

    Hello, im creating a web based game where people can create a virtual character and battle vs another character. I have the code setup but i want a way to rank a character based on their stats and having trouble coming up with a way to give a rank to a character

    Stats are based on the following

    Health: 500
    Mana: 750
    Strength: 25
    Agility: 25
    Intellect: 40
    Spirit: 40
    Armour: 250
    Defence: 5
    Nature Resistance: 0
    Fire Resistance: 0
    Frost Resistance: 0

    Not sure if its possible, my maths is too weak to think of one for myself.

    thanks in advance
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    Jun 2008

    More information needed

    That's actually not a difficult thing to calculate but you need to provide more information.

    What do you mean by ranking?

    Do you mean the time it took the player to get to that level of experience?

    Do you mean the toughest character overall? (IE if the characters were to fight it out, who would have the greatest probability of winning)
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