Hello Dears
My language not English and I should translate my undergraduate degree to English and I have a question for this:
1-Could you let me have undergraduate in Applied Mathematics course list?
2-I ordered official translation for my degree but I think they are not professional and I make some change as below , Is it correct?
General Mathematics -----------change to------> Calculus I
General Mathematics -----------change to------> Calculus II
General Mathematics -----------change to------> Calculus III
Graph Theory and its application -----------change to------> Graph Theory with applications
Fundamentals of Mathematics -----------change to------> Foundation of Mathematics
pre-university math -----------change to------> Pre-Calculus
Basic Physic -----------change to------> General Physic
sets Theory -----------change to------> set theory
theory of numbers -----------change to------> number theory
fundamentals of computer and programming -----------change to------> foundations of computer and programming

is differential equations theory true ?
statistics and probabilities is true?
fuzzy sets theory is it true ?
complex-valued function is true ? or complex functions ? or complex variables?

Is mathematics 1 lab true? (for laboratory )(matlab and ... programming)

Thanks so much,
With best wishes