So taking the game theory course on Coursera, I got interested in a game called Toads and Frogs (Toads and Frogs (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) - in the course, it's basically just skimmed through in some two videos but I wanted to know if there's some winning strategy. I read on it everything I could google out but turns out there's not that much to read about it as one may think - the most helpful thing I've found was probably an analysis by Erickson ( though it concentrates more on evaluating each position rather than some algorithm which would have to decide how to move a toad or a frog given a particular board as input. Same goes for "Winning Ways", where tey evaluate a bunch of positions also.

Is there anything more I could read about it? Aren't there any good strategies/algorithms known so that I could analyze them on my own and draw some conclusions on how the game should be played to maximize your winning chances? The best I could come up with is evaluating the value of the current position, evaluating the values of all the positions we can go to with our toads/frogs in a given moment and then performing a move which leads to the lowest value of the board so that our opponent has the worst moves to choose from. Is there anything better?