I'm preparing for an exam in the signals and systems class I'm taking. One of the practice exams has a problem that requires you to take the fourier transform of sinc(4t). From a table of fourier transform pairs I found: \frac{\omega_b}{\pi}sinc(\frac{\omega_b t}{\pi})\Rightarrow rect(\omega/2\omega_b). Using this I tried to match the given sinc(4t) be rewriting it as \frac{1}{4}\frac{4\pi}{\pi}sinc(\frac{4\pi t}{\pi}). From this I get that \omega_b = 4\pi and thus the fourier transform should yield \frac{1}{4}rect(\omega/8\pi). But, in the exam solutions they show the fourier transform to yield \frac{\pi}{4}rect(\omega/8). Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Thanks.