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Thread: French T.i.p.e.

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    French T.i.p.e.

    Hi everyone,

    Since i'm a french student in "Classe préparatoires" (kind of school after graduate, i don't know if there's some equivalent in the US system... but if you wanna know more : Wikipedia's your friend.), so, since i'm in "Classe préparatoires", i've to prepare a kind of project of my own which is called, in french T.I.P.E : "Travaux d'Initiative Personnel Encadrés" which means something as (i apologize for my poor capacity to translate :P) "Personal work lead" (i don't really know how to translate Encadrés, it means that some of my teachers will follow a little bit what i'm doing just to see if i don't do wrong.)

    The main theme this year will be "Forecast", it is not necessarely important to find something close to the theme, it even may be far away from it as long as it's interesting.
    So, I've to find a subject. Here you come, i wanted your advice so that you could just help me to find something really interesting.

    Of course, i already had some idea.
    I've first thought of some problems in the Chaos Theory. For exemple, the Lorenz Attractor. But since it is linked with meteorology, it's likely to be very popular among stundents this year.
    But a good subject in Chaos Theory may be very interesting.

    Next, i've thought of the n-body problem, which fits very well with "Forecast" and, which is more, allowed some computation : for i can do here Math, Physics and Programming. But here, the problem for me is that this problem is too close from Physics ( beeeurk ) and too far from Math.

    Well, now there must be some good things in Number Theory, or even Game Theory which good require some strong knowledges in Math and Coding.
    Oh, and this year, i've discovered a wonderful part of Math which is called Algebra \o/, but i still can find some hard problem which i can be confronted to.

    Now, i'm still looking for a subject.
    So, if, by chance, you know a good, heavy, interesting math problem which could eventually require computation and gathering sharp knowledge : i heard all !

    Thanks for reading and helping me

    Hugo Viala.
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    If your interests lean towards probability or statistics at all, you might think of doing something in the area of stochastic differential equations (sophisticated mathematics, increasingly important in areas like financial mathematics and with lots of scope for computational projects).

    I would translate T.i.p.e. as something like "guided individual project".
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