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Thread: force vector prob

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    force vector prob

    I have attached a page from my text. The problem is 2-66.

    I have also attached what I have so far.

    It seems that angles $\displaystyle \gamma$ and $\displaystyle \beta$ are correct, according to the answer key in the back of the book.

    The book states that $\displaystyle \alpha$ should be 90 degrees. This makes sense and I woul have said this from the beginning, since there are no forces acting in the x direction.

    However, the book states that $\displaystyle F_1$ is 500 lbs. So I have to account for the remaining force, right? I figured I could send it into the ground since the ground opposite reaction would cancel out the force in the x direction. Does that make sense?

    What am I missing?
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