Hello I have encountered a problem way over my head. I am designing a gas plant for a school project. I am running into a problem with finding out if the line heater I am using will be big enough. I will give you the details, and if you could help or either direct me to a resource so I can find the correct information that would be helpful. The line heater is 1,000,000 BTU and has 120 Ft coil with a ID of 1.875 in, the material is steel. The temperature of the liquid propane is -45 C and it needs to be 60 C. The Gas needs to flow at a minimum rate of 20 e3m3. will this line heater be big enough? How do I calculate the out let temperature? If I added a second line heater of similar design what would the outlet Temperature be? Is there a formula? Can I use you as a reference Thank you sincerely? I'm not to sure where to start to breakdown this calculation and how many other factors are involved.

David Caron