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Thread: solution of integral equation

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    Feb 2010

    solution of integral equation

    I have to solve the integral equation $\displaystyle y(x)=1+2\int_0^x(t+y(t))dt, y_0(x)=1$ by the
    method of successive approximation. Using $\displaystyle y_n(x)=1+x^2+2\int_0^x y_{n-1}(t)dt$, I can find $\displaystyle y_1(x), y_2(x), $ etc
    but I cannot find any general expression for $\displaystyle y_n(x)$ and hence cant find the solution $\displaystyle y(x)(=\mbox{Lim} y_n(x))$ . Please help
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    Nov 2013

    Re: solution of integral equation

    it's there

    take the polynomial out to x8 or so and look at the first 7 terms, ignore the 8th

    you should see 1 + x + 3/2x2 + 1/2x3 + 1/8x4 + ....

    you should see this as 1 + x + Sum[2,Infinity, some pattern]

    The sum will correspond to a well known power series minus a couple terms. You're also adding a couple terms at the front.

    Collect all that together and you'll end up with an expression for the solution as a function of x.
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