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Thread: Exponentail Decay Problem- any help useful

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    Exponentail Decay Problem- any help useful

    The police discover a murder victim at 5:15 a.m. They measure the body
    temperature of the victim and record it as 30C. Hercule Marple arrives on the
    scene of the crime 30 minutes later and measures the body temperature again.
    He records it as 27C.
    The temperature of the room is recorded as 15C and assumed to be constant.
    Hercule Marple, knowing that normal body temperature is 37C, wants to
    estimate the time of death of the victim.
    If the cooling process is modelled by the equation
    q =q 0e^kt , where q is the
    temperature (body temperature minus room temperature), and 0 q and
    are constants, estimate the time of death.
    (ii) When Miss Poirot arrives and investigates closely, she finds that the police and
    Hercule have been sloppy recording the figures. The real measurements should
    have been 29.6C at 5:14am and 27.4C at 5:46am, and the room temperature
    was really 14.6C. How far out is the original estimate of the time of death?
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