Normal growth rate = 3g/h but it decreases by 50% so it would be 1.5g/h. You want to grow up a culture of your strain to harvest the protein, so you inoculate a broth with 1,000 cells; but there is 1 additional cell that is a mutant that is no longer expresses your protein and has a wild-type growth rate. if the culture grows for 10 hours, what proportion of teh culture will consist of wild type versus mutant bacteria when you have the culture????

So here is what the person did:

k=n/t=1... i dont know how they got 1
so 2,000 cells at 40 min
10hrs=600min 600min/40min=15
15*1000 cells = 15,000 cells of normal e coli
so.. Nt=No*2^n=1*2^1=2... i dunno
15*1 = 15 at end of time for wildtype
so 15000:15 equal 1000:1 ratio.. but that is what we started with.. What do you think??