This is a past paper question and I am having trouble getting started. I think that I have the two players as TR and BA and the strategies as D C and G but I am not sure,

thanks for any help and sorry for the length of the question

GrapheneCo is a high-tech startup company pioneering the production of graphene-based products. The company intends to put q percent of its internal resources into the development of a graphene transistor (TR) that can be used to build a new generation of computer chips, and 1 - q percent of resources into the development of a high-capacity battery (BA) with only several seconds of recharging time. The success of each product, measured in pro t per 1 unit of each product sold, depends on whether the current fi nancial and economic crisis deepens (D), continues (C) or goes away (G) in the next 2 years.
The table below gives the estimated pro ts, in millions of under all three scenarios:
D 1 6
C 3 4
G 5 2
(a) Formulate the situation as a zero-sum game by identifying the players, pure
strategies and the payo matrix.