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Thread: wire potential

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    Nov 2005

    wire potential

    Hi ,
    I would like some help with the following problem:

    A high-voltage power line(cable radius a=2cm) is at a voltage V=345[kV]( with respect to ground). The power line is at a height h=50[m] above the ground which may be approximately modeled as an infinite ground plane( see picture attacjed).
    1-Calculate the electric field vector at a point on the ground directly below the line. Calculate field vector at the point on the power line that is closer to the earth (the bottom of the line).
    2-Estimate the voltage at wich dielectric breakdown happen(Ec=3[MV] for the given a.
    3-Estimate the radius radius of the power line at which dielectric breakdown happens for the given V

    Assume that I have found the first question.

    For the second question: I have done a problem where I needed to compute the voltage between 2 wires of radius a and distant center to center by the distance h.
    I would like to know if I can use this result to answer the question 2 and 3.
    I have some concern about the fact that there is the ground plane.( There is some restriction on how far should y varies because of the groun plane)
    It was V=[rho* ln(a/h)]/(pi*epsilon)[V]

    If I cannot use this result , please what can I do?
    thank you
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