I realize that this is primarily a math forum, but I decided to post this here in addition to the physics forum, as that forum is quite a bit slower than this one, and this question is mostly math anyway.

I have this question given to me in my physics course to help with studying, but I'm a bit stuck on how to tackle it.

The number of microstates in a system with energy between E and E+delE if an isolated system of N particles in a volume V is represented by this:

g(E)delE = c(V-bN)^N * (E+(N^2a)/V)^(3N/2)*delE

a, b, and c are constants, while del is the delta operator.

(a) Determine the entropy of the system as a function of E, V, and N.

(b) Determine the temperature T as a function of E, V, and N

(c) Determine the energy in terms of T, V, and N.

(d) What is the pressure as a function of T and p = N/V?

Any help would be appreciated greatly.