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Thread: need urgent help on design project please

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    Feb 2010

    need urgent help on design project please

    i need some urgent help please. this is due tomorrow night. i have worked it out and this is what i have so far.

    i have attached the question and here is what i have for it so far.

    also take note: Bearings A, C, and E support thrust loads. Bearings B, D, and F do not support thrust loads. End G of the axle supports a thrust load while end H does not.The column is fixed at its base to a support not shown. Bearing C, D, E, and F are mounted in fixed supports not shown. The motor housing is also fixed by a support not shown. the column is fixed at its base by a support not shown.

    and here is my solution for it so far:

    my co-ordinate system is

    + Y axis going vertical

    + X axis going right

    + Z axis out of the monitor

    have to convert tension pressure in blade to force

    P= Tension force/Area

    110 X (1.25 X10^-5) = Tension force (T)

    T= 1375 N

    looking at figure 4 system im considering is only the pulley along with its shaft attached to the beam, 1st bearing from the left is A, second is B

    By assumed to act upwards

    sum of moments about bearing A, z axis= 1375(.03)(2) + By(.1) = 0

    By= -825 N

    Ay + By - T - T = 0

    Ay= 3575 N

    Now still looking at figure 4 and the system im considering is the beam and only the pulley attached to it. the force from the spring (Fs) will be downward and bearing forces internal.

    sum of moments about bolt, z axis= (.575)(1375) + (.05)(1375) - Fs(.1)= 0
    Fs = 8593.75 N

    looking at figure 5
    system im considering is first shaft with pulley and big gear
    left bearing is C and right bearing is D, Dy is assumed to act upwards

    sum of moments about bearing c, z axis = -(2)(1375)(.1) + Dy(.1) = 0
    Dy = 2750 N

    sum of forces in y direction = T + T + Cy + Dy = 0
    Cy= -5500 N

    So this what i have found so far. components that have not been mentioned such as Ax, Az i have taken to be 0 cause i have not seen any other forces. i have only so far found y direction forces cause i think thats all there will be and i know i left out the other 2 bearings at the bottom but thats cause i think they exert no force as the motor is off and since there is no force on the gear.

    so is my procedure right? is there anything im missing out?

    also how would i calculate the force on the axle?

    thanks a million
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