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Thread: Functional Decomposition of a Descriptive Function

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    Apr 2009
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    Functional Decomposition of a Descriptive Function

    Hey all, Stewart here...i am new.

    So, here's my first question - ii am not actually sure if this should have gone in the Logic section or goes a anyway....

    ...this is actually relevant to a logical notion i am exploring, which has relevance to general and scientific investigations....

    If i have a real function, F, that describes a system according to "n" number of properties ("p"), then F can also be expressed as F(p1, p2,...,pn).

    Consequently, i THINK it is true to say that F can also be expressed as separate pseudo-independent functions G1(p1), G2(p2),..., Gn(pn), such that: F = [G1(p1)][G2(p2)][...][Gn(pn)] this correct??? I think it falls under a mathematical/logical notion called "Functional Decomposition", and, formally, relates to "Descriptional Logic".

    I've expressed this notion in mathematical language because i honestly am not nearly well-enough acquainted with Formal Logic to express it in those terms (though i think it would be a better way for me to do so, given the type of Proof i am trying to perform!!...any suggestions??)

    A "common language" expression of this notion say that a decription of a system can be broken down into sub-descriptions for each of the separate descriptive properties, and that those properties can be dissected and expressed as independent notions; the seperate sub-descriptions can be recombined to deliver the original, complete description.

    I would appreciate is anyone on the net is familiar enough with the notion of this sort of "Functional Decomposition" (an existing and well-established mathematical and, i think, Logical notion).

    Thanks in advance!
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