We have 3 animals which eat 3 types of food. Animal1 eats 1xtype 1 weekly, 1xtype2 and 2xtype3 food.Each animal2 eats 3xtype1 food, 4xtype2 and 5xtype3 food. Each animal3 eats 2xtype1, 1xtype2, 5xtype3 food. These are weekly averages for each enimal of given type(animal 1,2,3). Per week, they are given 25 000units of food1, 20 000units of food2, and 55000units of type3 food. How many animals of each type can coexist at the same time, given that all food is eaten?

I tried a matrix(x1,x2,x3 are types of animals and times amount of food eaten per week. RHS is amount of food per week.):
1x1+3x2+2x3 = 25 000(food 1)
1x1+ 4x2 + x3= 20 000(food 2)
2x1 +5x2 +5x3 =55 000(food 3)

However, I arrive to a problem that this matrix gives me no solutions... Am I doing smth wrong or is there smth else i should do?