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    Jul 2005


    I don't know how to solve inequalities. I can manage with simple ones by using interval method but talking about fraction inequalities I am confused.
    According to the attachment I got zero points {0;0;1;1;3;-2}. What's next ?
    By factoring and according to the degree I started from left and from top drawing the graph because the counter x^4 (which is above denominator) is positive. But the following... two 0 and two 1 and the denominator.
    I hope you understand what I want to know. So how to draw the full graph and how to write the answer in math terms.
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    Aug 2005
    All you need to do is factorising all the terms

    Now you draw a table and insert all the terms in the first coloumn. In the first line you drop all your zeros. Then you check when a single term is negative, zero or positive and mark it in the table with + and -. For a place where the function does not exist mark an x. The last line of the tabel is for the expression as a whole. Mutliply all + and - from a column and mark the result. So you can find easily where the function has which sign. This works fine for every function. No matter how complex, however it can take quite a lot of time andyou need to find the factorized form.
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