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Thread: Trouble in Math Land

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    Cool Trouble in Math Land

    Hello Math Gurus

    i Have been trying to solve this for 4 days now..Its time I accept ..I need help

    Here is the problem

    Lets say i have an aaray in C say a[256][256][124]

    hence a[0][0][0]=0
    and so on and so forth

    therfore i can get a generalised formula for calculating the linear index number as ;-
    [(z*65536)+(y*256)+x]=index number

    now lets say i have an index number 18921 how do i get the original x,y and z co-ordinates

    Help needed
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    Taking your example, [(z*65536)+(y*256)+x]=index number=18921 we notice that the LHS leaves remainder x on division by 256. So x is the remainder of 18921 on division by 256, that is, 233. So z*65536 + y*256 + 233 = 18921, that is, z*65536 + y*256 = 18688 = 73*256. So z*256 + y = 73. The LHS leaves remainder y on division by 256, so y = 73. We now have z*256+73 = 73, giving z=0.
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