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    Sep 2008


    My teacher kinda confused me today and i'm rather lost.

    A tight end can runt he 100-yard dash in 12 seconds. A defensive back can do it in 10 seconds. The TE catches a pass at his own 20 yard line with the DB at the 15-yard line. If no other players are nearby, at what yard line will the DB catch up to the TE.
    at time t=0, the DB is 5 yards behind the tight end.
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    45 yard line

    Here is the position function for the tight end.

    20 + \frac{25t}{3}

    and the postion function for the DB

    15 + 10t

    Now equal them to each other and solve for t

    15 + 10t = 20 + \frac{25t}{3}

    When you find t that is the time they meet up.

    So now just plug your time value back either into the TE or DB postion function to see what yard line they would meet.
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