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    Let G be a group and H,K is a normal subgroup of G
    Prove that <HUK>=HK
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    x\in\left<H\cup K\right>\ \Rightarrow\ x=y^n for some y\in H\cup K,\ n\in\mathbb{Z}

    y\in H\ \Rightarrow\ x=y^n\cdot e\in HK
    y\in K\ \Rightarrow\ x=e\cdot y^n\in HK

    \therefore\ \left<H\cup K\right>\subseteq HK

    For the reverse inclusion, use the fact that H and K are normal in G.

    hk\in HK\ \Rightarrow\ hk=(hkh^{-1})h\in H and hk=k(k^{-1}hk)\in K

    \therefore\ HK\subseteq \left<H\cup K\right>
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