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    Hi All, taking a summer course on linear algebra. I'm generally good with math, but this prof is not making it easy. I've been watching the MIT videos online, and it has helped, but I need more help.

    Does anyone know of any resources? I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around spaces, and they way they relate to one another.

    My final is a week and a half away. I HAVE to be ready. So what I'm asking for is links, book recommendations, etc.

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    Well, you've done well to find the MIT videos online. If you are taking an undergraduate linear algebra course in the states, I think this should be comprehensive enough, particularly if you supplement it with such sources as planetmath, wikipedia, and mathworld.

    The only other resource you should really need is consistency in studying.

    If you are having a problem with specific topics, then you should post for resources, but I think for such a general request, you are on your way with what you have at hand.

    Best of luck!
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