inverse of (111)
(01-1) <<<<this is a matrix sorry
k can get the top lie of ''co factor'' by using sneaky rule, coose top left ignore coloumn and row and its orrosponding no(co factor) is the determiner of the rest.(remebering minors although i believe not 2 be valid for this stage)
1|10| -1|10| +1|11|
|1-1| |0-1| |01| <<<<<<again sorry | | indcae determiner

so for top line i get (-1 -1 1 )
(a b c)
(d e f )
now i know that the next lines are as follows : a=|10 | b=|11| c=|11|
|0-1| |0-1| |10|

d=|11| e=|11| f=|11|
|01| |01| |11|
calculting abcdef to me isd to remember, i know this sounds odd but does n e one have technique like for the top line?????
i think i know what to do after ive done this though,,,minors (+-+)
transpose, inverse it etc
if smne could help me at the initial stage that would be fantastic,,,,,i know i was told a method just forgot it thnx