Give a vector equation, the parametric equations, and the general equation of the line L in Rē through (−1, 2) and parallel to (0,−2). Sketch L. Write a sentence explaining what the vector equation means.

*give workings*

This is as far as i got:

{vector equation}
(x,y) = (-1,2) + t(0,-2), t Є IR

{parametric equation}
x = -1
y = 2 - 2t, t Є IR

{general equation}
got stuck here!!! i dont know how to do this part

{sketch L}
dont know what the sketch looks like

{explaining vector equation}
what/how do u explain?

*there is something messed up with this question! it is either there is no general equation or i just dont get it. there is no typo error from me regarding the question.
what should i do?