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Thread: conjuacy class

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    conjuacy class

    Need some help on the following:

    If we let [x] be conjugacy class of x in group H. Show that \mid\left [ h\right ] \mid = \mid\left[ h^{-1} \right ] \mid for any element h in H

    Thank you for help
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    Let G be group. To show that | [h] | = | [h^{-1}]| you need to show there is a one-to-one correspondence \phi: [h]\mapsto [h^{-1}]. Let x\in [h] then it means x=ghg^{-1} for some g\in G. Define \phi(x) = g x^{-1} g^{-1}. Show this mapping is well-defined. Now show it is a bijection.
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