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Thread: how would I answer this?

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    how would I answer this?

    Hi I am doing an online quiz for myself to get my math better for school and I have this question. I know the answer and how to get it however i am not sure how to write it.

    the question is:

    consider the function f(x) = (7x -7)^2 +1
    the domain of f is:{x:__ <x<__}
    the range of f is: {x:__<x<__}

    i know that the domain would be all real numbers
    and the domain is greater or equal to 1 but how do i answer that?

    many thanks!!
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    Re: how would I answer this?

    No, it would be the range that has all values greater than or equal to 1.

    Wouldn't you just write that the domain is $\displaystyle \displaystyle \mathbf{R}$ and the range is $\displaystyle \displaystyle [1, \infty)$?
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