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Thread: Need help with problem solving.

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    Mar 2013

    Need help with problem solving.

    I'm totally stuck and frustrated. Tried different fomulas, but no cigar. Please help! I need to know how to solve these kinds of problems and what fomula to use.

    1. A jet plane traveling at 550 mph overtakes a propeller plane traveling at 250 mph that had a 4 hour head start. How far from the starting point are the plane?
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    Feb 2013
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    Re: Need help with problem solving.


    When the jet plane starts to move the propeller plane was already flying for 4 hours thus they have a gap of 1000 milles.
    if they will meet after a time of x hours then the distance for both will be 1000 +250x = 550x
    solve this equation and find the time x=10/3 Hours
    multiply this by 550 and you will find 1833milles ..
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