Brush holder performance requirements: to keep brushes stability, check or replace the brush, easy loading and unloading brush in the brush box, can adjust the brush to the edge of the exposed portion (lower end of the brush box and commutator brush boxor the surface of the collector ring gap) to prevent worn commutator or collector ring, a brush pressure changes, the pressing direction and a pressing position on the brush wear to be small, and solid structure.
The role of the brush holder by spring pressure is applied to the brushes with the commutator or collector slip rings surface in sliding contact, so the conduction current in the fixed body and between the rotating body stably. The motor, the brush holder and the brush are very important components. No matter how good characteristics of brush, brush holder inappropriate, brush not only can not give full play to its excellent features, and will give a great impact on the performance and life of the motor itself.
The brush used mainly bronze castings, aluminum castings and other synthetic rotating joints materials. The brush holder material itself has good mechanical strength, workability, corrosion resistance, thermal properties, and the conductive properties.
Brush holder holding the brush in a predetermined position on the brush box portion, the brush pressed with an appropriate pressure to prevent the brush pressing portion of the vibration, the connection on the brush box and the pressurizing part of the frame portion and the brush holder fixed to the motor fixed part.