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Thread: Linear Transformations and Compositions

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    Angry Linear Transformations and Compositions

    Hi guys, I'd like some help with this question. It's been incredibly frustrating trying to solve this for hours, but getting nowhere.

    Suppose U -> V -> W, with transformations T (U to V) and S (V to W).

    1) Suppose ST is one-to-one and T is onto, show that S is one-to-one.

    My answer 1)
    Suppose (ST)(u) is one-to-one, and suppose T is onto:
    (ST)(u) = S(T(0)) = 0 = S(T(u)) = S(v)
    Therefore v = 0.

    2) Suppose ST is onto and S is one-to-one, show that T is onto.

    This one has me beat and I'm not sure how to approach it at all.

    Can someone please (hopefully) verify that I did 1) correctly, and help with 2)?

    Thank you!
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    Re: Linear Transformations and Compositions

    your proof of one is hard to follow.

    we want to prove that S is 1-1, which means proving S(v) = 0 implies v = 0.

    suppose S(v) = 0. since v is in V, and T is onto v, v = T(u) for some u in U.

    therefore: S(v) = S(T(u)) = ST(u).

    since S(v) = 0, ST(u) = 0.

    since ST is 1-1, u = 0.

    thus v = T(u) = T(0) = 0, which is what we desired to prove.

    2) here, we must find for any given v in V, some u in U with T(u) = v.

    now, we know that given any w in W, we have u in U, with ST(u) = w.

    so consider w = S(v), for our given v above.

    we have w = S(v) = ST(u), for some u in U (since ST is onto).

    since S is 1-1, and S(v) = ST(u) = S(T(u)), v = T(u), and we are done.
    Thanks from Kyo
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