Collector ring under what circumstances need to be cleaned or replaced

The open observation window cover and dust exhaust hole cover should Baji the loop slip rings electrosurgical room cleaned. If the collector ring surface dust or oil, dip the rag of gasoline available to wipe the dust, oil, only allows the car to be gasoline evaporation. For the motor, the operation should be frequently observed in the size of the brush spark Check brush sets the wear of the ring surface.

Minor available when the surface of the collector ring wear or spark burns black fine emery cloth and polish, carefully, and abrasive clean; serious (such as recess), you need to fine car collector ring surface roughness reached 1.6 runout less than 0.04 mm. Brush holder underside surface of the collector ring distance should be kept about 3 mm.

When the brush wear can not maintain the normal position and pressure, or brush wear to 1/3 of the original height, in accordance with the requirements of the specification to replace the brush block, and the replacement of the new brush electrode collector ring contact surface to be processed into the rotating joints corresponding circular arc, to ensure good contact (contact surface is not less than 75%) of the total area of ​​the brush and collector ring. Processing with fine emery cloth is fixed to the surface of the collector ring, the brush simulated conditions in the emery cloth on the grinding into the desired arc.

The collector ring material requirements of mechanical strength, and is a good conductor of electricity, but also corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and stability in contact with the brush sliding, you must have the sliding contact characteristics.