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Thread: number of class

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    number of class

    in one sophomore class 1/3 of the students are honor students, 2/7 are varsity athletes. If there are four athletes in the class, how many students are there in the class?

    anyone can help on this?

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    Re: number of class

    your question is not clear.

    if 2/7 of the HONOR STUDENTS are athletes, then if S is the number of students:

    (1/3)(2/7)S = 4

    2S/21 = 4

    2S = 84

    S = 42

    if 2/7 of ALL the students are athletes, then 2S/7 = 4, and S = 14. quite frankly, this makes no sense, as the information about the honor students is then irrelevant, and/or contradictory, since 14 isn't divisible by 3.

    if "varsity athlete" differs from "athlete" (regardless of whether or not it's 2/7 of the honor students, or 2/7 of all students, that are VARSITY athletes), there is not enough information to solve the problem.

    precision in asking questions MATTERS (or else you get an answer to a DIFFERENT question, perhaps, than the one you wanted answered).

    EDIT: please post in the proper section. your question, no matter how difficult it may seem to you, is not "undergraduate university algebra" (linear algebra, group theory, ring theory, galois theory, etc.) and belongs in the pre-university section (even if it is for a college course). if you have doubts about where to post, message a moderator, it's part of their job to assist you with such things.
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