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Thread: Need help finding an expression related to chemical kinetics!

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    Sep 2012

    Need help finding an expression related to chemical kinetics!

    Hello everyone,

    As a chemist, I can use some help related to curve fitting.

    Brief description of the problem:

    For the analysis of the kinetics of a particular chemical reaction I have obtained the curve as can be seen in the attachment. In this curve x represents time and y represents the decrease in concentration of a particular compound in solution.

    Now fur a full analysis I need an expression which can describe this behaviour.

    Normally, the behaviour in experiments like these can be described by a combination of exponential factors, for example:

    "f(x) = A exp(x/t1) + B exp(x/t2) + C exp(x/t3) + ..." etc. which fit nicely to the curve.

    In this case however the beginning of the curve behaves lineary and the end of the curve exponentially as if it is a combination of a pure 0th order decay and a 1st order decay.

    Where do I begin to try to find an expression for a curve like this?

    I am able to fit a curve using a standard polynomial expression "f(x) = A + A1*x + A2*x2 + A3*x3 + ..." but the 'oscillating' nature of the curve causes to many distortions when I eventually have to take

    the derivative of it.

    To summarize, is there a standard way where linear behaviour and exponential behaviour are combined in an expression which is able to describe the curvature in the attachment?


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