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Thread: Mixture with Ratios.

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    May 2012

    Mixture with Ratios.

    In a mixture 60 litres , the ratio of alcohol and water is 2:1. If this ratio is to be 1:2 then the quantity of water further added is ? Ans 60 litres
    How would i solve this ?
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    Re: Mixture with Ratios.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeNoob View Post
    How would i solve this ?
    The original amount of water is w and the original amount of alcohol is a. It should be clear that a = 2w.

    You need to add a certain amount of water (k) to make the ratio 1:2, in other words, so that w + k = 2a.

    From here, we can see that w + k = 2(2w), so k = 3w.

    Since we know there were originally 60L in the mixture, in the ratio of 2:1, that means there was originally (1/3)60 = 20 L of water. So you have to add three times that to get the ratio you want. Therefore, add 60L of water.
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