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Thread: estimate number of groups

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    Jun 2012

    Lightbulb estimate number of groups

    i need some upper estimate of number of groups of order 24. i know there are 15 of them, but i need upper estimate with explanation, it means why there cannot be more
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    Re: estimate number of groups

    Did you try an approach with Sylow theorems?
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    Nov 2011

    Re: estimate number of groups


    This problem is a triviality using Burnside's Lemma. Are you working out of Herstein, Cohn, Jacobson or Dummit-Foote? The Herstein and Jacobson do not treat this topic, but in the Cohn you can find it in the section on Group Actions. Same with Dummit-Foote. I do not immediately see a way to get an upper bound at precisely 15 without the use of Burnside's Lemma, however. For that it will be best to have a working knowledge of solvable groups.

    Edit: if this class has an emphasis on combinatorics, a Polya-Redfield equation could probably count it. But that would be more difficult than using the Burnside, and would still require knowledge of group actions (but not solvability criteria). Your choice!
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