Hello guys, I am looking for some good books for linear algebra.
I have got Linear algebra by, David Lay and Anton .
However I am studying Linear algebra in another language than English
and our syllabus is a bit different from many English speaking countries.
I feel like I want a more thorough and more detailed theory on the following subjects

Especially when it comes to lines and planes in space.

I have heard that goodaire is a good book too, but perhaps you guys can give me some good suggestions for books which suit respective subject
I would like to have a suggestion for good books which suit my syllabus

1. Linear Equation systems
2. Matrices
3. Transpose, Matrix Inverses
4. Vectors, Basis, and coordinates
5. Linear combination of vectors, Linear independent vectors. Change of Basis
6. Scalar products, Orthonormal basis
7. Areas, vektor products,volumes and determinants
8. Lines and Plane in Space
9. Linear imaging/depictions. It's definition and properties
10. Compostions / Combinations and Inverses.
Kernel (linear operator) and Range
11.Matrix productions in different basis. Isometric Images/depections
12. Diagonalization of linear images.