I'm having some confusion with notation of Linear Maps. b and c are bases of V. Do I read this as the linear map of b to c.
For example I write elements of c using b as the basis:
 c_i = b_1(v_1) + b_2(v_2) + ... + b_n(v_n)
Or do I write elements of b using c as a the basis:
 b_i = c_1(v_1) + c_2(v_2) + ... + c_n(v_n)

I was working on it when trying to solve:
 \Phi^{c}_{c}(D) = \Phi^{c}_{b}(1v) \Phi^{b}_{b}(D) \Phi^{b}_{c}(1v)
Where D is the derivative map.