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Thread: Distance Metric Proof

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    Aug 2010

    Distance Metric Proof

    Say I have two lists, List1 and List2 containing elements such as words. Some words are common two both List1 and List2. I want to create a distance metric that tells me how far apart the two lists are based on a similarity "score". The similarity score and distance metric are as follows:

    Similarity score: Intersection(List1,List2) / Union(List1,List2)
    Distance = 1 - Similarity Score

    In other words, the similarity score is just the percentage overlap between the two lists and the distance is 0 when the two lists are the same. Say I generalize this to n lists and I calculate the distances between lists (a symmetric matrix of distances). My question is, is this distance formula valid? In other words, does it satisfy the triangle inequality? How do I check this?

    A first attempt if all list sizes are equal:

    Let N = size of the list, x, y & z = pairwise overlaps between three lists. You must have that x >= y+z-N. Distance between lists that give you x is 1-x/(2N-x). With some algebra you can conclude that the triangle inequality is satisfied for all valid x, y & z.

    Is this true for arbitrary list sizes?
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    Jul 2010
    Hello, please check this out Symmetric difference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the bottom it talks about symmetric difference being somewhat of a metric. Here is how it relates to your distance metric. Let $\displaystyle A$ and $\displaystyle B$ be your two lists (sets). Your distance function is:

    $\displaystyle \displaystyle d(A,B) = 1 - \frac{|A \cap B|}{|A \cup B|} = \frac{|A \cup B| - |A \cap B|}{|A \cup B| } = \frac{|(A/ B) \cup (B /A)|}{|A \cup B| } = \frac{|A \Delta B|}{|A \cup B|}$

    where $\displaystyle \Delta$ is the symmetric difference.
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