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Thread: Spreadsheet equations

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    Mar 2010

    Spreadsheet equations

    to plot the graph for the following equation

    12 marks

    12 marks

    y=6x2(sqaured) +3x -18

    5 marks

    Use the graph to solve the following quadratic equation

    6x2(squared) +3x -18 =0

    3 marks

    State the formula used for finding the roots of a quadratic equation.
    Explain how this relates to the equation under consideration

    10 marks

    Find the roots for this quadratic using the formula.
    Compare the answers obtained.

    Having trouble with this question. would love some help from you wonderful peeople.
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    Grand Panjandrum
    Nov 2005
    This looks like it is part of a graded assignment, in which case you are supposed to do these on your own.

    Thread closed

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