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Thread: Transformation Proofs Help Please!!

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    Jan 2010

    Transformation Proofs Help Please!!

    Hi, would someone be able to check my proofs for me and tell me if they are right and if not what is wrong please?

    So for the first one I said let u=p(x) and v=b(x)
    and T(ku)=(kp)(x)=kp(5)x^2=kTu
    So it is a linear transformation.

    For the second I said T(u+v)=p(x)+b(x)=x^2p(1/x)+x^2b(1/x)=Tp(x)+Tb(x)
    and T(ku)=x^2kp(1/x)=k(x^2p(1/x))=kTp(x)

    So it is also a linear transformation.
    For the third I said T(kp)(x)=xkp'(x)kp''(x)=k^2xp'(x)p''(x) which does not equal KTp(x)

    So it is not a linear transformation

    Did I do these right?

    Thanks for any help
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    Jun 2009
    Your answers are essentially correct but your notation is wrong. What you should have written, for example for (a), is

    $\displaystyle T(p(x)+q(x)) = (p(5)+q(5))x^2 = p(5)x^2+q(5)x^2 = T(p(x))+T(q(x))$.

    It is not correct to write $\displaystyle T(u+v)=p(x)+q(x)$. Do you claim that $\displaystyle p(x)=p(5)x^2$? That makes no sense.
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